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How to Be an Architect Part 1

Part 1 in a seven part series where we learn how the architect invents by creating something of new utility. He is also a designer and a translator of the owners intentions.

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How to Integrate Research in Design

Alberto Alessi, CEO of Alessi, talks about integrating research in his product line.

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How to Resolve Work Conflicts

Workplace conflicts that turn into melodramas can hurt productivity and team morale. Ed Muzio, president and CEO of Group Harmonics, explains how such conflicts play out and how to resolve them, so…

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How to be an Architect - Part 5

Learn how Doug tried to get a job by designing a spaceship house on the side of a cliff. Using four simple words and asking the questions who, what, where and why a designer can create just about…

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How to Be an Architect Part 4

What does an architect use to be creative? Learn how the architect uses scale, form, complexity and material to create a framework for style. That framework then gives the architect parameters to…

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How to Write Your Personal Statement for Law School

Learn how to write a personal statement for law school, without making the common mistakes.

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How to Be an Architect Part 2

Learn that if you look below the surface you'll see that the architect makes buildings, but they also make form, story, music and inspiration.

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How to be an Architect - Part 3

If your wondering what you might learn as an architect, its probably about philosophy, sociology, psychology, material science, engineering, mathematics, History & construction.

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How to Get Feedback From Project Team and Stakeholders

Josh answers a question about getting feedback from your project team and stakeholders.

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Daniel Pink What Really Motivates Us at Work

Daniel Pink challenges the effectiveness of traditional incentives.

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