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How to Be an Architect Part 1

Part 1 in a seven part series where we learn how the architect invents by creating something of new utility. He is also a designer and a translator of the owners intentions.

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Vivian Stringer: Champion College Basketball Coach

Vivian Stringer on defying descrimination, inspiring coaching, and Don Imus's infamous remarks about her Rutgers team.

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How to Integrate Research in Design

Alberto Alessi, CEO of Alessi, talks about integrating research in his product line.

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10 Simple Productivity Tips

AJ Vickery is joined by organizational and productivity expert Christa Wagner to go through some simple tips from time management to email management that can have huge impact on your everyday…

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Nederlands Dans Theater Makes a Comeback

Netherlands Dans Theater captivates audiences through daring, creative orginial dance. For the first time in 10 years, NDT comes back to California and Dance Channel TV gives you a personal look at…

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The Elements of a Business Plan

Business Tips Guide- What are the elements of a business plan?

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Peter Thiel on College

Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal and an early investor in Facebook, discusses the benefits of dropping out of college.

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Andrew Spade's Definition of Great Design

Andrew Spade, fashion designer and co-founder of labels Jack Spade and Kate Spade, defines great design.

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How to Resolve Work Conflicts

Workplace conflicts that turn into melodramas can hurt productivity and team morale. Ed Muzio, president and CEO of Group Harmonics, explains how such conflicts play out and how to resolve them, so…

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Management Tips for Motivation

Cambridge Who's Who Video titled Motivation: Finding the Strength to Move Forward, shares inspiring stories and words of encouragement from individuals who have confronted (and overcome)…

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Irrational Exuberance Painting by Carolyn Oberst

Artist Carolyn Oberst explains what inspired her to paint the Irrational Exuberance piece.

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Learn about Revoked College Admissions

In this clip, the director of admissions at Williams College gives some reasons a college might revoke your acceptance.

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Francoise Mouly's Recommended Comics

Francoise Mouly, art editor at The New Yorker, talks about some comics suggestions he has for you.

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How to be an Architect - Part 5

Learn how Doug tried to get a job by designing a spaceship house on the side of a cliff. Using four simple words and asking the questions who, what, where and why a designer can create just about…

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Classical Concert Virtuosos' Protest

Some of the top classical concert virtuosos have got together to launch a concert to protest at alleged human rights abuses in Russia.

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When applying to college, how should you highlight your non-academic interests?

When applying to college, how should you highlight your non-academic interests?

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